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‏2012-11-09T17:01:01Z |
I have seen a few thread on this, but could not get a definite answer on this.

I have a situation where a drive failure occurred. At that moment, the hot spare took over.

Then we got a second alert, marking the drive as "Bypassed".

Now that reconstruction is complete on the Hot Spare, I would normally simply pull out the failed drive and insert the replacement drive. But something in the recovery guru installed a doubt and I am not convinced I should go with the simple replace.

Here is what the recovery guru gives me:

Storage Subsystem: DS4700
Component reporting problem: Drive in slot 4
Status: Unknown
Location: Controller/Drive enclosure
Component requiring service: Drive in slot 4
Bypassed by: Controller in slot A
Bypassed by: Controller in slot B
Bypassed by: Drive in enclosure 85, slot 4
Service action (removal) allowed: No
Service action LED on component: Yes

It is clearly stated in the recovery guru procedure that:

The Service action (removal) allowed field shown in the Details area and the physical SAA LED on the hardware component (if supported) MUST match before you remove the affected component. In rare cases (such as multiple problems), the status of the LED and the SAA field may not match. If there is a mismatch, then you should NOT remove the component until these indications match.

So I am now wondering what we should do. Any help is appreciated.