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Pinned topic Regarding other VG backup in AIX

‏2012-11-09T06:47:12Z |
I have two VG in one AIX server i.e. rootvg and datavg, in datavg i have install and configure oracle db.

i started to take backup of datavg. but i found some error in last

lseek: a system call received a parameter that is not valid.
backup: 0511-84 An internal packing error occured: incorrect size
backup: 0511-442 ./oradata04/web/undotbs01.dbf will not be backed up.

some one help me !!!
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    Re: Regarding other VG backup in AIX

    Ok, let me guess. You use savevg backup the datavg. I suppose oracle is running. So it has open files. You can expect errors like these.

    savevg is NOT the way to go if you want to make a consistent backup of your database. You should use oracles own tools.

    You can stop your database and then do a savevg. But you probably do not have that downtime on your database.

    Hope this helps