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Pinned topic Fix Pack 11 ( now available for RAA and RAA for System z

‏2012-11-08T23:32:12Z |
PTFs for RAA for System z: UK83327 (ENG), UK83328 (JPN), UK83329 (KOR)


• “Open in New Tab” not available for RAA menus V6.0.0.6+ (RFE RATLC02590130)

The default browser pop-up menu can be displayed for a given menu choice, giving the user access to browser actions like opening a link in a new tab or window.

• Rational Asset Analyzer and Rational Developer for System z: Diagram navigation (RFE RATLC02593127)

An explanation of ways to navigate diagrams through the keyboard and other methods has been posted at: Tips for navigating diagrams

• Printing options for RAA graphs (RFE RATLC02594648)

A new toolbar button is available for printing either the entire diagram or only the viewable area. Note: Not available in Internet Explorer 8.

• Rational Asset Analyzer and Rational Developer for System z: Structure diagram for PL/1 programs (RFE RATLC02601188)

For a PL/I program that has successfully completed analysis, the pop-up menu on a program has an option to display the RAA PL/I structure diagram which shows the labels within the program.

Enhancement Previews

• Provide export capability for current view or the entire diagram as SVG for Internet Explorer 9 and 10. A new toolbar button is available for exporting the entire diagram or only the viewable area as an SVG file. Not available in Internet Explorer 8.

• The Code Review for COBOL feature adds eleven (11) built-in rules, database persistence of the rule results, a Program details page's Code review tab summarizing the rule results and links to the Related source view window to review results - which includes problem markers and hover help in a new vertical ruler to highlight each code review issue.

• Support use of Google Chrome browser; tested with V22.

Product Fixes

Business rule mining
• View related source from Program detail page's Rule Mining tab (26515)
• Expand related source lines in View related source window (36920)
• Incorrect results from alternative rules link on Program summary page Rule mining tab (36921)

Custom queries
• Query fails with decimal returned from SQL - java.lang.ClassCastException (37073)

• Eliminate unnecessary screen captures (31671)
• RAA V6.0 Detailed System Requirements page on web has wrong information (32173)
• RAA 6.0 Information Center, pubs, and Installation GUI to indicate credentials needed to successfully install/update RAA (32517)
• Documentation for plus-sign record type in utility control file for filtering Run units (32681)
• Fix Information Center page: Loading the sample project into local Rational Developer for System z workspace (32698)
• RAA Installation Guide IVP steps need to be updated (33165)
• Information Center: Topic not found -- Compiler-based scanner and COBOL proprietary scanner options (33414)
• RAA Installation Guide (33645)
• Help Tutorials not relevant to RAA (34294)
• Update RAA Information Center with Links for Fix Packs (34355)
• Broken link to up-to-date Detailed System Requirements in RAA Information Center (34785)
• Remove unnecessary Actions from Work Queue page (35182)
• Installation Guide: Add instructions to 'Upgrade information' Help page (36022)
• Documentation for: Automate FULL Mode SQL Reference Resolution (36076)
• Remove action 'Reload work rules' from 'Work queue' page (36156)
• Documentation for DB2 Catalog - Eliminate dmh0570 (36190)
• Updates for scanning XML statement support (36763)
• Update online help to reference REST instead of UrlApi when verifying an attribute exists (36868)
• uerruns.dita has incorrect navtitle and searchtitle (37052)
• Update pubs to reflect Run Unit resolution changes (37208)
• Information Center: What's new in Rational Asset Analyzer (37334)
• Help Collateral for Code Review for COBOL Feature (37359)
• Update Home Page topic (37415)
• Update Application Information topic (37416)
• Information Center: Increase print limit to more than 5 topics (37428)
• Updates for Scanning without the web browser (37483)
• Update Metrics Information topic (37518)
• Update Choose an inventory activity topic (37519)
• RAA Installation Guide - Rename the "Planning to install z/OS Scanning..." section (37561)
• Update text for setting the language or type of a file (37623)

Eclipse plugin for Rational Developer for System z
• Cancel button does not cancel search request (APAR PM75017)
• Program search results should list the Program name in addition to the File name (36863)
• Performance issue on interface (37212)
• Remove administrator access rights requirement from plugin installation (37719)

Impact analysis
• Impact analysis on multiple data stores shows no directly impacted batch jobs (24863)
• Some unrelated data elements show up in results (34405)
• Missing DB2 System for View and DB2 Column from View impact project types (36742)

Inventory collection and analysis
• DMH1817E message about multiple Entry points and Run units are not resolved (APAR PM72745)
• DB2 table in WSAA place holder system being created, apparently from ORDER BY syntax (APAR PM74109)
• DMHQUEUE runs for a very long time in Fix Pack - Queue Type 7: Postprocess RDB Load (APAR PM75708)
• dmh6006.c goes into a loop if ANALYSIS_PARMS format is bad for an import file load (15231)
• Proprietary scanner - PL/I with ++INCLUDE not supported (34394)
• Unsupported syntax FILLER error (36681)
• DMH2030E error creating INLC2 data set (36744)
• COBOL scans to Complete, but VALUES syntax is unsupported with RC=8 analysis messages at GM level (36890)
• Proprietary scanner - found unsupported syntax '¬=' in EXEC SQL (36927)
• Scanning distributed file with member filter wsaa.ear throws exception (36939)
• Assets scanned in using RAASYNC have Application name "UTSCAN=Y" (37351)
• Loading any import file for an Assembler program results in LANGUAGE_CD='GONE' (37353)
• Calculate Essential Complexity for COBOL Programs only (37517)

• dmhLoad.bat fails to load Assembler import file (36990)
• Wrong table name used in DmhMetaComponentBatchJob (37006)

User interface
• Application diagram - show distributed assets and user-defined relationships (33718)
• Native SVG on IE9 64bit z/OS overview not working (36558)
• Add 'View related source' action to Program asset's Details page (36871)
• Opening Data Element Details Page from expanded view spawns 10 tabs in browser (36985)
• Change the message about Unsupported browser detected... (37057)
• CQ needs Delete icon in Action column (37103)
• Make information about hidden empty directories more pronounced on the page (37209)
• java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid asset ID, or contents of database are incomplete. trying to display class a a file (37121)
• Do not allow to Queue for analysis inner containers but allow to submit scan root (37122)
• Impact summary needs Delete icon in Action column (37455)
• Control Flow & View source performance (37493)
• Setting the language and type for Assembler files (37589)
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    Re: Fix Pack 11 ( now available for RAA and RAA for System z

    ‏2012-11-12T17:18:22Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    Hi Joan, I see the '¬=' in EXEC SQL has finally been handled. What about the other ¬ logical comparator combinations ? It is a coincidence that a couple of weeks ago, I solved this problem via PREX exit, but as far as I have seen, at least some of the other combinations are also in use in the source.
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      Re: Fix Pack 11 ( now available for RAA and RAA for System z

      ‏2012-11-16T05:06:46Z  in response to SystemAdmin
      Hi Tony, All the DB2 SQL comparison operators in which ¬ can be part of are supported. I hope this answers your question.