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Pinned topic Multiple WebSphere Application Bridge portlets on a page

‏2012-11-08T19:24:04Z |
I am attempting to prototype the use of wp8/WAB to display several different web applications as portlets in the same page.

I have installed wp8 in a HyperV VM on Windows Server 2012 and have it running.

I was also able to get an external web application (Tableau Server) running in its own separate VM to display within WAB as long as it was the only WAB portlet.

I also have SharePoint 2013 preview running in its own VM and JD Edwards 9.1 ERP in its own VM.

Each of the three applications displays correctly when accessed directly in a browser running in the portal VM.

I followed the instructions to set the host_alias_mapping custom property in WP VWA Manager Config with:


(I found that if I did not include the port numbers, WAB didn't match the Host setting in the VWA Manager portlet Basic configuration and the web dock portlet title just says "Web Dock Portlet" and not the title I had configured.)

I am getting "Error 400: EJQGB0010E: Could not retrieve user data from credential vault to access the CoreMetrics backend system" in each of the portlets and nothing shows.

I searched for the error message and found little other than the formal definition of that error which mentioned a "CoreMetrics authentication key".

My questions are:
1. Do I need a CoreMetrics authentication key and if so where do I get it? If not, is there something in wp8 I should turn off?
2. Is there a specific example I can follow of getting multiple web dock portlets on a page to work including details of the credential vault settings?
3. Are there any examples of setting up the credential vault?
4. Did I at least set up the host_alias_mapping correctly?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best wishes, Ivan