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Pinned topic CDATA validation in datapower

‏2012-11-08T17:49:51Z |
I need to validate the input request XML, which contain the CDATA as well. I have that wsdl to validate the input xml and XSD to validate the xml which is coming as part of CDATA.
I am getting issue to validate the xml which is coming under CDATA as input request. I am able to fetch the xml from CDATA, and using validate action in processing rule. But its not validating against xsd schema. Also tried the db schema-validate function in xslt but getting same issue.
Is there any other approach to validate the any data which is coming under CDATA in input request.

I am not getting any error as such processing valid request, only issue with validation. Not getting any schema validation error as providing incorrect xml in CDATA.
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