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‏2012-11-08T16:09:29Z |
Is the license timeout option supported in DOORS 9.4 ?

This technote says that in earlier versions the time-out option was Not Supported
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    Re: DOORS license time-out

    As far as I know DOORS version 9.4 does not support a license time-out function, but then again this is not really a function of the version of the DOORS application.

    DOORS uses a 3rd party license manager called FlexNet (previously known as FlexLM), FlexNet is widely used by many SW application vendors such as IBM.

    Applications that use FlexNet are required to create a License Daemon application (background process) that acts as an interface between the application and the FlexNet server. It is up to the License Daemon as to what functions of FlexNet it wishes to use. FlexNet has supported time-out function for many years but I'm pretty sure that the Rational License Daemon does not use this function for the DOORS application (as was also the case for the Telelogic License Daemons before IBM acquired DOORS).
    Paul Miller,
    Melbourne, Australia