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Pinned topic Issues after integrating CC7.1.1.2 ( with VS 2010

‏2012-11-08T14:40:24Z |
hi.. per IBM support advise we installed client CC 7.1.1 and them upgraded to so that the VS 2010 is installed as part of the client installation.

The installation and the integration to VS 2010 went smooth. However, we are getting 'exception/fatal error' (image attached) while trying to open a prj file in VS 2010 from Clearcase view. Any ideas?

Here are the env details.
Server: CC 7.0.1 Windows XP SP2
Client: cc Windows XP SP2
Visual Studio: 2010 SP1
1. Installed VS2010 first and then CC 7.1.1 -> upgraded to CC
2. Under VS 2010, Tools->Options->Source Control, we have 'Clearcase' as the selection.
3. After setting the above, when we do the following, we are getting the error mesg.
In VS 2010, (after setting the source control as 'Clearcase' under Tools -> Options drop down)
File ->
Source Control
-> Get from Clearcase (or something similar to that)
-> Selected the folder from the Clearcase view where the project files are
-> gives a warning saying that more than one project file was already open and hence it can open read only (not exact verbiage, but the context is ) Getting the error (attached image) at this point and Clearcase connection from VS 2010 is rest at this time. We have to close VS2010 and re-open it to see Clearcase in VS 2010 environment.
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    Re: Issues after integrating CC7.1.1.2 ( with VS 2010

    The integration with VS2010 works for us on ClearCase 7.1.2, so I'd suggest you to upgrade one of your clients to that version and then check it again (you'd better to upgrade to the latest version -

    Tamir Gefen, GoMidjets
    Have you tried the new Visual Annotate 2.0?