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Pinned topic IBM RAD Version: 8.0.4 ignoring Proxy settings

‏2012-11-08T13:39:58Z |

When I test a wsdl from web services explorer pointing to an endpoint that is on another server. I get a 407 unautorized error. Let's say the endpoint is for host's address is ''. Let's say the proxy settings (which can be viewed in IE -> Internet Options -> Connections Tab - > Lan settings - > Advacned) has '*' entered for bypassing the proxy server.

The web services explorer ignores the use of the wildcard '*' and uses the proxy. We have a round robin proxy cluster so connections are bounced between three proxy servers. During testing we captured the traffic and packets being passed from the machine making the webservice call via webservices explorer, which there shouldn't have been because the proxy should be bypassed because it's set to bypass for *

If I fully qualify the server in the proxy settings, i.e. add the full host address '', then the web services explorer request is successful. We have instituted a few works arounds for this issue some have began to use another web service testing tool. But what is irksome is, this was not an issue in any other version of RAD. I have used 6.0 & up. I have used RAD for 5 years. I have always used web services explorer to test my webservices in other environments besides my local machine.

I think this is a bug. But my question is this, does anyone know if there is a setting, maybe in an .xml file somewhere, or under capabilties or somewhere else, that I can tell RAD to allow the '*' for proxy settings? It's slightly frustrating, because, we have a log-in script that over-writes any proxy settings that I modify.