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‏2012-11-08T06:08:08Z |

I am using Rational Rhapsody 7.6. I created a test conductor project in Assertion mode.

On creating SD test case i found that scheduler and Arbiter packages are created by default.

Can anyone please tell me what are functionalities of Arbiter and Scheduler.

Please share demo project if you can. I will be great help for me.

Thanks in advance.
Love Kumar
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    Re: Test Conductor 2.4.4


    the <<Scheduler>> TestComponent is responsible for controlling the execution of tests (initialization of internal test data, writing status messages to a log file, shutdown of test). You can inspect its statechart and operations to understand how it works in detail; we recommend not to modify the statechart or the operations of the <<Scheduler>> because it might brake the execution of tests.

    For each SD based TestCase, an <<Arbiter>> TestComponent is created when TestConductor is updating the TestCase. TestConductor transforms the specified test scenario of the SD into a statechart which is added to the <<Arbiter>> (the elements of the diagram are not visible). After this, Rhapsody CG is used to generate to code implementing the specified TestCase.

    Rhapsody 7.6 comes with two TC samples containing pre defined assertion based tests: CSDOperators, CModelCodeCoverage. Both are using C.
    In Rhapsody 7.6.1, samples for C++ have been added.

    Regards, Christian.