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Pinned topic x3650 M4 - M5110e - SSD Caching Enabler

‏2012-11-08T03:33:46Z |
Hi All,

Working with customer to try and setup the SSD caching Enabler, we have received the license and activated it through the IMM.
IMM is picking it up as active.

Have rebooted IMM and Rebooted server to make sure it is applied.

When we go into the WebGUI (bios) for the M5110e card the SSD caching is Disabled and can not be enabled.
When we check the Licenses active SSD caching is not listed and there is no option to enter license keys like on the LSI cards.... (Same card!)

We have checked the controller properties and checked the Virtual drive properties, all of the provisions for using SSD caching are listed however it can not be enabled...

We have firmware package version 23.7.0-0037 installed for the M5110e - , I can see that Cachecade support was added on 23.7.0-0029
(firmware 3.190.35-1786, Web BIOS Version 6.1-45-REL)

The method for setting up cachecade on these IBM's is different to the LSI branded cards....

Has anyone see this before? About to log a call with IBM....


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