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Pinned topic x3650 M3 Window Server 2012 Drivers

‏2012-11-07T20:12:08Z |
We have recently planned and rebuilt one of our x3650 M3's (7945) as Windows Server 2012 based on this article

Upon following the doc and going through the process to get the latest drivers, I am unable to select Windows Server 2012 from the drop down as it is not there.

I have also got the latest updates for UpdateXpress but it errors on the server with:
Error(s) occur while comparing!
Error message: Cannot find applicable update packages for the current system configuration. Oneor More updates are ignored due to applicable hardware not present.

Please can anyone advise whether the OOTB drivers detected by Windows 2012 should be fine? (Particularly IMM type things that are not standard/generic)

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    Re: x3650 M3 Window Server 2012 Drivers


    Are you using ServerGuide 9.23 to prepare and set up the server? If not, give it a try. Version 9.23 is for Windows Server 2012 only. Prior versions of ServerGuide don't support 2012. The process should integrate the necessary drivers and guide the OS installation.

    IBM ServerGuide Setup and Installation CD v9.23 - IBM BladeCenter and System x

    1. Boot to ServerGuide 9.23 (burn it to a CD or mount it via the IMM)
    2. Follow the ServerGuide prompts to set up the server.

    • Note: when allowing the process to create or reset disk arrays, it will use the drives in the order they are physically installed, example: if you want RAID 1 it will use the first 2 disks, etc.

    3. When prompted by the ServerGuide process, insert the Windows Server 2012 media (again via optical drive or IMM)
    4. Follow the Windows Server 2012 setup prompts
    5. Setup will do its thing and several reboots