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Re: Worklight Deployment Package with SQLite DB

‏2012-11-07T16:00:52Z  in response to SyedHaiderAbbas
"does iOS and Android has a built-in support for SQLite or I have to deploy/install something for this as well?"

Yes, see:

For a list of ways to store data see my reply here:

"I want to know if I can make an existing SQLite DB the part of Worklight deployment package for Android and iOS?"

Not sure, I would build a simple REST service (or similar) and use Worklight Adapters to add data to your mobile Worklight Applications.

See the articles on Adapters here:

Alternatively it's easy to work with SQLite on Android and iOS, you could build a Cordova plugin and write native code for both platforms.

See the articles on Cordova here: