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‏2012-11-07T11:11:29Z |
Hi, our MQSeries team has detected that when they create a QueueManager (CRTMQM) the parameter "Default Queue Manager DFTQMGR", if not specified, it may be wrong ... the example:


2.- CRTMQM MQMNAME(TEST) DFTQMGR(*YES)- This create a Qmanager TEST set "Default Queue Manager DFTQMGR to *YES

3.- DLTMQM MQMNAME(TEST) - This delete the QManager

4.- CRTMQM MQMNAME(TEST) - This sould create a Qmanager set "Default Queue Manager DFTQMGR *NO" but create a Qmanager with Default Queue Manager DFTQMGR to *YES

But if they do the same from i5OS Main Menu or press F12 after step 3 and then do the step 4 the Qmanger is created well ...

I tested this on several server ... not PTFs ...

Any idea?

Thanks Fernando Plaza