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Pinned topic Endpoint URL for custom JAX-WS webservice

‏2012-11-07T10:03:31Z | mdm-migration
I'm experiencing some problems in creating a web service client to invoke custom JAX-WS webservice
built on MDM Server v.10.
The problem is I'm unable to find the wsdl to provide to RSA wizard. Whereas I'm able to easily find
wsdl for MDM standard transaction, I was just given the endpoint of MDMWSProvider module
having the format below:

but it just displays "Hello! This is an Axis2 Web Service!".

I've tried to find wsdl by appending ?wsdl, replacing MDMService with the name of service I should invoke,
the port, and more complex syntax as well, but still unable to retrieve the wsdl file I'm looking for.

I was granted access to server and was able to invoke the service via XML without any issue.