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Pinned topic Create many activity in a worklight appliaction?

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Hi every one
As far as I know that, in order to build a worklight app, using javascript and html code and it's different to native app which bases on java code. If we build an native application we can create many Activity class and they are arranged by stack, it means that, when you hit back button, the current Activity will be finish (finish()).
Could I create many Activity class in Worklight environment?
Thank you for any replies
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    Re: Create many activity in a worklight appliaction?

    I don't know how to create multiple activity in worklight environment, but I heard that PhoneGap let us create more plugins to support this case, i.e. PhoneGap barcode scanner plugin starts another activity to capture and decode barcode and then returns barcode to caller. there are at least 2 additional activities used by barcode scanner. you may study barcode scanner plugin as a sample.

    PhoneGap is used by worklight app as a built-in scripts.