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Pinned topic V7000 Unified network configuration

‏2012-11-07T07:08:19Z |
I have problems with V7000 Unified network configuration.

I have setup the unified with the following IPs:
Management Unified IP:
  • Node File Module 1:
  • Node File Module 2:

I have created three public networks through gui. One of the public network has the following settings:
  • subnet:

The issue I have is that the NTP, DNS and AD are not accessible via the management network, but accessible via the public network

I tried changing the default route to go to gateway, and the NTP, DNS & AD configuration are successful.
However, the default route keep going back to the network after network configuration via the GUI or when the node get rebooted.

Anyway to workaround this issue or NTP, DNS and external authentication server have to be reachable from the management network?
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