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‏2012-11-06T23:59:27Z |
Hello WSRR community. I'm using a Manual SOAP Endpoint object to add new Available Endpoints to an SLD without having to upload a new WSDL document. This achieves what we need when we query the new information through the REST API; however, if we are relying upon DataPower's (firmware v5.0.1) built-in WSRR objects (Saved Search Subscription or Subscription Object) it only sees the original URL that was in the uploaded WSDL. My understanding is that these DataPower objects only look at WSDL Document objects; so, this makes sense.

My question is this. Is there a way using the out of the box WSRR Subscription objects to pull down a WSDL Document that references the URL (in the Services section) that contains the URL that was added as a Manual SOAP Endpoint? Or, is the only way to accomplish this by upload a WSDL with the desired URL?

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    Re: Manual SOAP Endpoints and DataPower WSRR Subscription objects....


    I guess the manual endpoint model is not supported yet by other Websphere Tools. I have noticed the same behavior in the case of Websphere Message Broker v8. WSRR Endpoint Lookup primitive does not works with manual endpoints. We have to rely on 'Registry Lookup' to fetch manual endpoints.