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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anyone has come across a way to search across a single mapped field in ICA with a dictionary. For example, if you get a database extract of food with the columns of name, type, family group, comments etc and you import that as a csv into ICA and map the fields to be name, type family group, comments etc. If you then create a dictionary for the options of family group, how would you be able to use that dictionary just on the family group? Let's also assume that the family group can also show up in the comments frequently and therefore will skew the results of the facet as I only really want to see the frequency of each family group.

My explanation might not have been all that great, but I can try to explain it better if needed :)

Thanks for your help,

  • mauriziog
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    Re: Use dictionary only on one field

    If you want just one field of your record to be compared with the terms in dictionary in order to be annotated, then you have to configure that index field as the only one "analyzable" , that will allow only that field content to go through the UIMA pipelane to be analyzed and eventually annotated.
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    Re: Use dictionary only on one field

    If you have more than one field you want to be analyzable but want to analyze them distinctly in ICA, you can define contextual views for each of these analyzable fields (for exampl, "problem" and "solution" or "medications" and "current condition", etc.

    Then in the user interface, you can specify which context you are analyzing at any given time.