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Pinned topic Sort data into cube by several data columns (elements)

‏2012-11-06T20:45:36Z |
Hi guys,

I hope everything is good with you.

I have a question, how can I sort the data into a cube by several column data like in excel, but wihtout use dimension for it. For example, if you see the attachment enclosed, I would like sort my data records using "ACCT_NUM", "AUX_COD" and "AUX_NUM", those are elements of "m_fc_balance" dimension.

Thank you for your guidance...

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    Re: Sort data into cube by several data columns (elements)

    Hi Jose,

    Easiest way would be to use the filter option in the subset editor.

    • Open the Subset editor for the rows dimension and then select Tools > Filter
    • Leave filter set to None and set sort order to ascending or descending
    • Set your other view elements using the dimension selection boxes (i.e. if you want to sort based on ACCT_NUM then select this for your m_fc_balance dimension)
    • Click OK (subset will be reorganised)
    • Click OK to close the subset editor

    Your view should now reflect the revised sort order.

    Hope this helps.