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‏2012-11-06T17:37:58Z |
I had a problem come up that has me a bit stumped. I've used the service entry point often and I've been debugging a submitted job (a socket program) without issue. That's all stopped now. ugh
When I try and set a debug service entry point the window comes up saying the debug server is not started and asks if I would like to start it. I answer yes and then RD just hangs up.
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    Re: Debug Service entry point

    Are you using VPN?
    Sometimes, when a VPN connection ends, RSE will still think the connection is connected, which may cause this behaviour.
    Could you please make sure the following:
    Go to green screen, and look at the QUSRWRK subsystem to see if any job name QB5PHSRV under your user profile. End this job.
    In RSE, disconnect and reconnect the connection.
    Set SEP again on the program.
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    Re: Debug Service entry point

    I have experienced this problem on a couple of occasions, although I can't exactly say under what circumstances. To get around it, I stopped and then restarted the debug server and that cured the problem. You do this from the Remote Systems panel (usually top left). Right mouse click on Objects for the system you are working with, then select Remote Servers > Debug > Stop. To restart the debug server, do the same again this time selecting Start.