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Pinned topic WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Liberty Profile Trial

‏2012-11-06T13:29:00Z |
Introducing the WebSphere Application Server for z/OS Liberty Profile Trial !!

The WebSphere team is pleased to announce the availability of a trial of the WebSphere Application Server v8.5 Liberty Profile on z/OS.

The Liberty profile is a highly composable and dynamic application server runtime environment. Its fast restart time, small size, and ease of use makes the Liberty profile a great option for developers building applications that do not require the full Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) environment. Applications built for the Liberty profile can be deployed to full profile WebSphere Application Server editions.

There are unique features within the Liberty profile on z/OS that take advantage of System z qualities of service, such as z/OS security, transactions, and workload management. The trial of the Liberty profile on z/OS provides an opportunity to evaluate the benefits provided by this lightweight and dynamic application server in the context of a z/OS environment.

Trial Download and Install
Learn more about the Liberty profile on z/OS and download the Liberty profile trial and Readme install instructions via the following location:

Additional Information on the Liberty profile for z/OS
The IBM Advanced Technical Skills team has provided excellent collateral to quick start your understanding and usage of the Liberty Profile on z/OS.
  • Liberty Profile on z/OS Executive Flyer: A two page overview of the Liberty Profile, including features unique to z/OS.
  • Liberty Profile on z/OS Quick Start Guide and Samples: A step by step guide to getting started with the Liberty profile on z/OS, including hands-on exercises and samples to accelerate your understanding of the Liberty profile. Note: Use the Readme downloaded with the trial for installing the Liberty profile on z/OS trial.
Access these Liberty documents via the following location: