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Pinned topic tranql-connector-db2-xa-1.7.rar and unpublished properties

‏2012-11-06T13:19:57Z |
Hi, I used to configure DB2 dataSource in Websphere Application Server where I have access to much more properties than thoses that are exposed
by the tranql-connector-db2 component (for example, currentSchema).

Is there a generic way (generic property or other) I can leverage in order to address the configuration of properties that are not accessible?


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    Re: tranql-connector-db2-xa-1.7.rar and unpublished properties


    For WebSphere Application Server Community Edition, more configuration information for the resource adapter can be found in the server's repository (installDir/repository where installDir is the server's installation directory) and extract the ra.xml file from within that archive.

    For other properties,there is no way for configuration till now.

    If you are using WebSphere Application Server, please post your questions to the WebSphere Application Server Forum:
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    Re: tranql-connector-db2-xa-1.7.rar and unpublished properties

    Thanks guys!