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‏2012-11-06T12:36:30Z |
First of all, I would like to ask to some IBM expert why they are not longer supporting OpenCL. There are no new informations about an IBM driver for OpenCL 1.2.
And few days ago I discover that the Power7 OpenCL compiler that I installed with the SDK v0.3 is expired.
So I was searching for some informations and the only thing that I found is this sentence in the license: "The test period begins on the date that Licensee agrees to the terms of this Agreement and ends on 2012-06-30"
Now, I would like to know how can I continue to work with OpenCL in the system. I'm using it for research purposes and I hope to not have to buy a license for something that does not seem to be supported anymore.

Thank you in advance for any useful information.
  • chwilk
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    Re: IBM OpenCL compiler expired


    I would like to echo this sentiment and follow up to the question as I have a customer who is also interested in OpenCL on our POWER7 cluster.


    What is the status? Could somebody from IBM please comment?

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    Re: IBM OpenCL compiler expired


    I also want to continue to use the SDK v0.3. Do you have any updates?



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