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Pinned topic How to guarantee FIFO processing of documents within Docmanager

‏2012-11-06T12:24:26Z |
Docmanager is not processing the messages in the same order as they were received by the receiver.
We're receiving creations and updates of documents within a few miliseconds of time.
We've noticed that WPG can not guarantee the FIFO ( first in first out ) processing of these documents, this, gives wrong results in our backend system.

We received the answer below on a service request (20120300624)

as promised I had reported this issue to the experts.
Their answer is different from what we both had expected.
WPG does not guarantee FIFO. Within WPG messages are processed in
As I was told, we have different internal components (Receiver, BPE,
Delivery Manager, Gateway) working together to have a fast turn
Works as designed. WPG is designed for enable scalability
for high throughput and high availability.

However, this behaviour is not acceptable for our business.
Are there any other people who've experienced the same behaviour and found a solution\workaround?
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    Re: How to guarantee FIFO processing of documents within Docmanager


    WebSphere Partner Gateway is running in a multi-threaded environment (WebSphere Application Server). And with WAS ND you may have a clustered environment where the work is distributed on several servers.

    The Receiver component works asynchronous from the Document manager component. Receiving documents is done with multiple threads. When the Receiver has received a document, then it places a JMS message on the work queue for the Document manager. This work queue is read by multiple threads. In this way it is possible for WPG to achieve high performance, high throughput.

    When your backend system cannot handle the documents received then :
    • You might have a look at the ebMS document protocol. This protocol has message order functionality
    • Solve the business issue in the ESB.

    Hope this helps.


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