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Pinned topic DB2 & Microsoft SQL Server on Same Physical Server

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I've been asked to post the following from one of our developers here. While I have plenty of DB2 experience on UNIX/Linux platforms, I have NO experience with DB2 on Windows, and I have no experience with MS SQL Server:

"Due to a consolidation of projects at our company, we are forced to run both DB2 and SQL Server 2008 on the same physical server.

Has anyone run both of these DBMSes on the same server at the same time? Were there any issues with doing so, and if there were issues, how were they mitigated?"

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    Re: DB2 & Microsoft SQL Server on Same Physical Server

    If performance is not an issue, there is no technical reasons that may prevent you from running both on the same machine. You just need to remember that they will compete for resources such as memory and I/O bandwidth.