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Pinned topic Data Loading between two cubes

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I have 2 cubes which are having same dimensions and one cube having another extra dimension. All measures are same in both measure dimensions.

Cube 1:

Dim: A,B,C,D,E

Cube 2:

Dim: A,B,C,D,E and F (extra dim)

Requirement : I should first load the data into Cube 2 and once it done, Cube 1 should take the data from Cube 2 and update it. So that i can avoid the data loading into Cube 1 separately.

Please let me know if any script available for this to achieve, and let me know the process steps to follow. Thanks
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    Re: Data Loading between two cubes

    Hi askkris,

    The solution depends on what you are trying to achieve.

    If you want to summarise data from cube 1 into cube 2 without having a need to edit the information then you could use rules. Alternatively, if you need to edit the data then you could use a TurboIntegrator process to copy the data across.

    For the rules option create a rule in cube 1 which is something like the following. Note you will need to identify the element in dim F i.e. a total consolidation.
    Rule in cube 1
    [] = N: DB('Cube 2', !A, !B, !C, !D, !E, 'Total F consolidation');

    Feeder in cube 2. Note this feeder is using a consolidation which may result in over feeding so you may want to select a few elements from dimension F which will be densely populated.
    => DB('Cube 2', !A, !B, !C, !D, !E);

    For the TurboIntegrator option I would add an additional CellPutN command into your process to update Cube 1 at the same time you are updating Cube 2. Note though as Cube 1 has 1 less dimension you may need to use an additive load ie combine CellGetN and CellPutN.

    Let me know if any of this requires clarification.

    Hope this helps.