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‏2012-11-05T04:46:31Z |

I was trying to load and unload rhapsody project from APIs


But if the pkg is already loaded before load() API is called, returned will be null.
Is there any other way to check if a Unit is loaded or not, other than comparing with null return value, something like isLoaded(0).

Also this would be usefull if only check has to be made and not to be loaded. Because if pkg.getSaveUnit().load(0) is called to check if it is loaded, pkg will be loaded even if it was not the intent.

Please can any one tell me how to carry out this check or is there any other better way to load and unload with all these checks.

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    Re: Rhapsody IRPSaveUnit

    IRPUnit has a method called getIsStub. I think this should work for what you are trying to do.

    from the javadoc for the API:
    int getIsStub()

    Checks whether the unit is currently unloaded.

    1 if the unit is not currently loaded, 0 if it is currently loaded