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Pinned topic Acrobat 7 on AIX 7.1

‏2012-11-03T20:34:03Z |
If any one is interested I have successfully installed
Acrobat 7 on my AIX 7.1 (7100-01-05-1228) system.

Make sure to install the following from the IBM Linux Toolbox
All the other more recent rpm that I used seem to work OK.
Not using the previous two cause a load problem with Acrobat.
That is; Acrobat will not load. The problems seem to be with
gconftool-2. No idea what the problem is. A work around
is to do a ps -a to find the PID for gconftool-2 and
kill the task. This will allow Acrobat to load. Not
sure why; but once Acrobat loads it seems to work OK.
I was able to view a document and print pages.

Using the IBM rpm avoids the hang. Acrobat just
come up.

Of course the problem associate with using such an old
version of Acrobat still exist.