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‏2012-11-02T22:34:26Z |
Hi I have a DataPower XI50, for which we installed the ITCAM Agent for WebSphere DataPower Appliance, installation went well and it able to pull the CPU and Memory utilization values, but it shows as the Appliance name as XC10 and also other Metric valuses are not loading in the Workspace.

Also find a error at AgentStaus for the Appliance as "connection down"

"Node", "BN:test1:DPS"
"Timestamp", "11/02/12 18:29:38"
"Resource Name", "test1"
"Device", 10.x.x.x
"User", fc99tnz
"Port", 5550"
"Connection Type", SOAP
"Connection Status", Down"
"Response Code", "602"
"Response Message" "Authentication Failure"
Can any one help how to monitor the device and what is the exact Agent for this devices.
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    Re: Need help to Monitoring DP

    This problem mostly comes because soap-requests are not successful, because of firewall or userid/password.
    if firewall on soap-port like 5550 is ok, make sure that on DP-side userid-password is set correctly, and working
    for SHA, DES, SNMPV3, and verify (This part is more cumbersome).
    Also make sure the SNMP-protocol is set asn SNMPV3 from defatult SNMPV2,
    using gui-config or manual config-file update. Also make sure that the password for each of the above is correct.
    restart the agent after corrected config, should fix the problem.
    In most cases it is the label SNMPV2 defaulted in config, needs to be updated to SNMPV3.