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Pinned topic Reverse Engineering static functions in C

‏2012-11-02T16:32:28Z |

I am trying to reverse engineer some C code into Rhapsody for Software Architect 8.0.

I would like function header information to be included in the function description within Rhapsody. This works for global functions (i.e. those with the prototype in a header file) but not for static functions.

The reason for this appears to be that we define the prototype in the C file before the implementation. For example:

/* Define all static function prototypes */
static void myFunc(void); /* Prototype */

... other functions etc.

/* Doxygen style comments with function description, return values etc. */
static void myFunc(void)
/* Implementation */

The reverse engineering parser appears to see the prototype and looks for the comment before that. When it finds the actual implementation it correctly grabs the body of the function but does not over-write the description.

Is there some way I can correctly parse the function description, preferably without having to edit the source files?