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In my project, almost all tasks have multiple artifacts as output, which is what you would expect from an enterprise level project. Now some of those tasks are such that they have optional outputs.

For instance, let there be a task named Task A which has three artifacts 1,2,3 as output. Out of these artifacts, say 2 is optional, i.e. it is upon the project manager to use his judgement and decide whether artifact 2 should be generated for a particular phase of his project. This situation seems quite logical and is encountered fairly regularly in my workplace.

The Problem

How do I accomplish this in RMC? There is a field for optional inputs but I haven't been able to find anything similar for output.

Thanks for reading this and your time.

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    Re: Making task output optional

    For the benefit of other lost lost souls who may be wandering in search of a solution for similar problem.
    I found the solution by modifying the definition for method element task. Added a section called 'optional outputs' under a new tab titled 'Relationships'.