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Pinned topic Distinct counts in TM1

‏2012-11-02T15:06:48Z |
I am doing market basket analysis reporting in TM1 with C10 as the reporting tool. I need to structure TM1 to support the reporting.

I need to be able to summ sales and Qty sold which is easy.

I also need to count Market baskets and distinct items in the market baskets....How can I do this? I have a receipt key, and and item key. Both are unique. Can I just add these keys to the TM1 cube and do a distinct count in C10?

I need to be able to do sales per market basket and distinct items per market basket while traversing various hierarchies. So, there's no way to load a distinct count into the cube as far as I know.
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    Re: Distinct counts in TM1

    To get the unique counts in the TI or Rule you can use the ConsolidatedCount() function. If you need to get the unique counts then you can use ConsolidatedCountUnique() functions.

    These functions were I think introduced in version 9.4 so if you are on an earlier verison of TM1 then we will have to do a workaround - but it is doable.
    Rizwan Kaif