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Pinned topic source agent unable to delete source file throws IOException: 'BFGIO0033E'

‏2012-11-02T14:18:18Z |

I am using single Queue Manager topology to transfer the files between two systems using MQFTE 7042.

One System is WINDOWS XP(having only one client based source agent installed) and another system is HPUX11.23 PARISC (having also one client based destination agent installed).

Both Source and Destination agent are configured with Single Queue Manager( a part of MQ Server 701 installed on separate WIN 2003 System). In Same WIN 2003 Server, WebSphere MQ FTE Plugin is installed to monitor and configure the file transfer.

File was transferring properly without any error b/w two client based agent using single QM topology but within some interval of time one source file is locked & start generating zero(0) Byte of locked file repeatedly on destination(HPUX) System. Generation of zero byte file into destination system continue until source agent restart. once agent restart, again file start transferring properly.

Getting Below Error in transfer log:

Warning - BFGSS0067W: The File has transferred Successfully but the source is unable to delete the source file due to following IOException: 'BFGIO0033E : There is invalid checksum for the file <filesystem>\file name & recovery is not possible'

Please suggest me to solve this issue -Thanks in advance!!
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    Re: source agent unable to delete source file throws IOException: 'BFGIO0033E'

    Did you read the error message description and corrective actions in the WMQ FTE Info Center?

    There is an invalid checksum for file <insert_0> and recovery is not possible.
    20 : Error
    A transfer of the file failed part way through. During the recovery operation the system discovered the contents of the file had been changed.
    Resubmit the transfer request again, if required.