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‏2012-11-02T12:41:52Z |
Hi fellows,

we have the following situation:
  • replicated VOB family
  • eight build servers on site A
  • 40 - 50 developers on site A
  • the other sites are not relevant for this subject

Site A reports problems with the performance of CC in general.
We are discussing several aspects (old VOBs, excessiv labeling ...).
Yesterday we saw the "build farm".
The eight servers are located in one room, connected via 100 MBit, where the LAN ports are pobably connected to one switch.
The servers do an "update snapshot" every hour.

So one idea is now to create a build-replica, which is hosted on a box located in the same room, connected to the build machines via GBit network.

No network or processor load on the dev replica due to builds and their CC actions.
Reducing time for builds.
Locking the moving labels for the build doesn't affect the dev replica.

  • additional hardware
  • (small) time divergence between the end of the build and accessibility of the results for developer/tester

Has anyone made experiences with some kind of build-replica?

greetings georg.
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    Re: Create a replica for software builds

    You might want to look at ClearReplica, it will allow you to replicate a VOB (or parts of a VOB) even in the same region or machine. I have included some links and a movie on ClearReplica:


    Hope this helps...


    Try ClearTrigger, ClearReplica and ClearWeb at

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