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‏2012-11-02T12:06:45Z |
Hi all

I get this error when i try to deploy my EJB. ADMA0093E: An unexpected exception occurred while completing task BackendIdSelection. Check the server machine First Failure Data Capture tool (FFDC) for more information. Root exception is ADMA0098E: The current backend ID DB2UDBNT_V95_1 does not exist in the BackendId list: DERBY_V102_2 + DERBY_V102_1 under the META-INF/backends directory.

Server - WebSphere:cell=localhost,node=localhost,server=server1
Database type - DERBY_V101.
Target JNDI name - jdbc/DefaultEJBTimerDataSource
Resource authorization type - Per application
URI - wc.ear.ext,META-INF/ejb-jar.xml

Can anyone help me to resolve this??
Thanks in advance...
SathiesKumar S