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Dear Expert,

In fact, I'm trying to write a C or C++ application to do data masking. I came accorss Optim Data Provider Privacy. From my understanding, ODPP is a set of binary API which can be called from other applications through its API.

My question is:
+ is ODPP standalone product which means it can be installed without any other Optim product ?
+ if it is not, what should be installed with it ?
+ where can I download it ? partnumber maybe.

many thanks for your help.
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    Re: Optim Data Provider Privacy


    ODPP does not require any other Optim product to be installed to work. ODPProvider.majorver.minorver is the core library that you need to link your application to and except the ODPP libraries you only need the platform specific development environment (e.g. Visual Studio 2008 for windows). Platforms and the compilers are listed in the developer guide available with ODPP.

    Regarding download I need to check on the public download location and will update you on that shortly.

    if you have any questions/queries about ODPP or Data Masking in general feel free to send them to us.