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Pinned topic Upgrade IUI0005E: Failed to backup previous biginsights

‏2012-11-02T10:29:31Z |

I'm currently trying to upgrade a BigInsights cluster (from to 1.4 version)
To do so, I already upgraded it (from to
For this first upgrade, I followed all the instructions and ended up by running the script that ran successfully.

Then, while trying to upgrade the cluster to version 1.4 I'm facing an issue that I am not able to solve.

Here are the logs for this upgrade :

INFO] Progress - BigInsights is from an upgrad of BigInsights
INFO Progress - Check HDFS upgrade status
INFO - hadoop dfsadmin -upgradeProgress status
There are no upgrades in progress.
ERROR DeployManager -
ERROR DeployManager - OPERATION ERROR -- Backup directories:
ERROR DeployManager -
ERROR DeployManager - Sanity tests failed Sanity test failed against the BigInsights installed. -- =1 (Sanity test failed: null Please upgrade and finalize HDFS before upgrading to the new version of BigInsights.)
ERROR DeployManager - Backup directories failed No directories were backed up because the sanity test failed.
ERROR] DeployManager - Backup directories; SUCCEEDED components: [; FAILED components: Sanity tests, Backup directories
FATAL Failed to backup previous biginsights.
It looks like I haven't run the upgrade-DFS and the finalizeUpgrade scripts but I did and it turns out they were successful.
I also set all the directories permissions correctly so I don't know what to do.

I would appreciate any help to fix this issue.

Thanks in advance

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    Re: Upgrade IUI0005E: Failed to backup previous biginsights

    Hi Emilie,

    1) Please verify that under $BIGINSIGHTS_HOME (/opt/ibm/biginsights) and $BIGINSIGHTS_VAR (/var/ibm/biginsights) there are no _biattic* directories
    2) If _biattic* directories are gone, then modify $BIGINSIGHTS_HOME/conf/install.xml
    where it says: <operation>upgrade</operation>
    change it to: <operation>install</operation>
    3) Try again with the upgrade

    Hope this helps.