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Pinned topic out of memory error

‏2012-11-01T20:42:11Z |

I am solving the cutting plane problem and after some iterations i received "Oplrun process is not responding, you must relaunch the Run Configuration"error. Along with is error i got following message in different window,
"'Oplrun Heart Beat' has encountered a problem. An internal error occurred during: "Oplrun Heart Beat"" If you click on details tab the description is "An internal error occurred during: "Oplrun Heart Beat".

I have MIP problem and I am using OPL with Linux (64 bit, 48Gb RAM)and in script I am ending all the objects with.end() and null specified in
I also use workmem to specify memory (to 30 Gb). At the same time i have sufficient ram available while execution.

Any one can help me in sorting this memory problem?