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Pinned topic RDz 8.5 : Remote Preprocessor Questions

‏2012-11-01T15:39:39Z |
I am trying to configure a remote preprocessor which will be invoked within COBOL or LPEX editor.

1. Is there a system variable for the library member name I am editing which I can supply as a parameter to the PP REXX ? This could be used to tell the PP the member name for the output file.

2. If such a variable exists , could this also be supplied in the Output file specification in the Property Group configuration, thereby making the process independent of the member name. Otherwise does this have to be changed for every program ? Or should we overwrite to the same output file every time ?
Guidance appreciated .

3. The documentation suggests that this output file should be downloaded to RDz at the end of the process and compared to the original - is this correct or do we have to do this manually ?

4. Is any detailed documentation available on how errors are handled etc ?
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  • MelFowler
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    Re: RDz 8.5 : Remote Preprocessor Questions

    ‏2012-11-13T19:44:56Z  in response to
    In RDz 8.5, there is this convention for the Output file field

    So if you had a partitioned dataset called, and you specify empty member parenthesis, RDz will insert the member name.

    This will keep the user from needing a different property group for each member he wants to preprocess.

    In a follow on release, this convention will change to be a little more straight forward, allowing the user to specify an RDz style variable.

    I believe RDz 8.5 should have hover help on that entry field, explaining about the () notation.
    • RavikanthChavali
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      Re: RDz 8.5 : Remote Preprocessor Questions

      ‏2013-07-01T01:52:57Z  in response to MelFowler

      Thanks! Wouldnt have figured out the PDS with empty parenthesis convension if not for your reply.

      The hover help occurs only when you click on the field and hover over the icon i that apprears infront of the field.

      Apart from <HLQ> you should also be able to use <USERID> , <MEM> and more (Ref Global variables in JCL Substitution)