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Pinned topic Help.. mksysb image for VIOS on dvd or download

‏2012-11-01T14:56:45Z |
I am looking for the media or download image for mksysb for VIOS; specifically:

mksysb (base install) image for VIOS (or VIOS 2.2.X.X - whatever is available up to v2.2.1.1).

Everyone keeps sending me to the IBM FIX Central & I can't find the mksysbase image. If it's not the mksysb image, it won't help.

Please - any help out there is greatly appreciated !
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    Re: Help.. mksysb image for VIOS on dvd or download

    You cannot download base-level images for AIX/VIO from the IBM website unless you have a contract and an Electronic Entitlement account that would allow you to download them.

    Work with your IBM rep to get media if you do not have it.

    Fix Central will let you download fixes only for use after you have the base media.