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Pinned topic CMWebService ListSchema() Method throw exception

‏2012-11-01T12:50:08Z |
I am integrating IBM CM WebService in Dot Net Web Application,I am trying to get Item Type using ListSchema() method but it always throw exception of java.lang.NullPointerException. I am unable to find cause of error from couple of days.
I am using below line of code to get item type.
using (webservice = new CMWebService())
ListSchemaRequest objProcList = new ListSchemaRequest();
objProcList.AuthenticationData = authData; // passing server name, user id and password to authentication with IBM CM client

EntityList objentity = new EntityList();

objProcList.EntityList = objentity;
ListSchemaReply objProcListReply = webservice.ListSchema(objProcList);

I am attaching stack trace error file. Please suggest where i am doing wrong? and what is the solution to get Item type?