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Pinned topic slow endering and errors for big plots

‏2012-11-01T10:57:44Z |
I get "image rendering error" with scatterplots of large datasets. Even with modest ones the rendering takes forever. Does the rendering get done by the graphics card? Will a better card, or even two, help?
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    Re: slow endering and errors for big plots

    Large scatterplots require a lot of memory and processing time. While a faster graphics card may help, I would suggest trying a binned scatter. That is likely to show all the useful information in the scatter but display much faster.

    If you see a lot of paging in the stats.exe process when watching with the Task Manager, more memory might also help. You can also increase the value in jvmcfg.ini to allow graphics to get more memory (at the expense of other processing).

    Jon Peck