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Pinned topic Sub-Capacity Licensing for Limited Use Socket license

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I have a virtual server where DB2 is installed on and I have some Limited Use Socket licenses for DB2 on-hand. According to various IBM sources like the URL given below (see point#8), it is mentioned that the DB2 per Limited Use Socket is also eligible for sub-capacity licensing. So my question is

1) Is it required to install ILMT agent on this virtual server in order for me to eligible for sub-capacity licensing?
2) If the answer to #1 is yes, what action do I need to take when the ILMT only shows the result in PVU, not socket?
3) If the answer to #1 is no, what do I need to do in term of compliant?


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    Re: Sub-Capacity Licensing for Limited Use Socket license

    Hi Jiravit,

    You are right (I do not know if this is true for all cases but in general) IBM products licensed on Limited Use Sockets are eligible for sub-capacity licensing. However it does not mean that ILMT can be used to help with such type of licenses. ILMT is mandatory for measuring PVU consumption of PVU-based sub-capacity products. As you mentioned, ILMT does not provide the information regarding the sockets used by particular software. It concentrates just on CPUs.

    To be honest I do not know all the procedures of checking compliance related to different Software licensing models. I believe you must keep a kind of excel sheet with list of virtualizations where LU-licensed software is installed in your infrastructure together with software names, host names, values of consumed sockets etc. In case of audit you will show such excel to IBM/audit company and this will be a start point for their check. However please mind, that this is just my assumption. Please ask your IBM sales representative for details. Those guys sell the software every day, so they are much more familiar with different licenses than I am.

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