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Can anyone tell me sizing information of TBSM DB.
In our environment, we are using import-export script for data import to another environment.

TBSM DB will contain only data for service instances and rules and templates created for those instances.
How much space it will normally take for Service Tree. If I will have around 20 service view trees in future, how much space will be required.

Avi A
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    Re: TBSM DB Information

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    The TBSM database install utility for an advanced install prompts for Small, Medium, and Large as expected sizes for the service model. Sounds like your model meets the criteria for Small ( < 5000 services ), which is estimated in the installer to use up to 3GB of space. Even our largest model ( > 20,000 services ) estimates to use only 10 GB of space. So as you can see, especially when only using services and templates, the TBSM database usage is fairly small.

    This information is in the Planning section of the TBSM 6.1 Installation Guide. We do not have any specific formulas to calculate the space usage based on the number of services and templates. You can view space usage directly on the file system, but you would need to refer to DB2 documentation to get the right location for your file system.

    Thanks for any additional feedback...
    Randy Brown