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Pinned topic how to get active user with the same identity

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I am using worklight security OpenANapp code sample , if i login from the same device and i m trying from another login with the same device it is showing already logged in user but if i am going to login from another device it allows me to login.

As simple i want single sign on authentication. So please let me know how to get the active user with the same identity which i pass during WL.server.SetactiveUser('',identity); so that i can validate my user with other device also.

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    Re: how to get active user with the same identity

    Hi, could you help me understand your question a little better?
    Are you saying that you tried to log into the application twice from the same browser and your second attempt was blocked?
    After that you attempted to log into the app from a different device, and that succeeded?
    This makes sense that this would occur since the authentication is cookie based.