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Pinned topic Clearcase with Cloud or SAAS (Software as a Service)

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Hi All,

We are looking out for a new solution now. We have a Multisite replication setup between UK (Primary Server) and Bangalore (Secondary Server). We are in the process of Upgarding ClearCase version. However, we feel that investment in procurement of hardware can be saved at bangalore if we have some cloud solution or SAAS solution. But I am not aware of any.
On the IBM site i could see that RTC(Rational Team Concert) has a cloud solution but ClearCase doesn't have it. We are using CC 7.1.2 and hence CCRC is a solution since we can have the primary and then ask the developers in Bangalore to use CCRC. But as the number of concurrent users at Bangalore is more than 40. As per IBM then have suggested that if the number of concurrent users will exceed 40 then there would be performance impact.
Can any one advise pls.
  • Tgefen
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    Re: Clearcase with Cloud or SAAS (Software as a Service)

    We use Cloud-based ClearCase with CCRC.

    I don't know this "40" limitation. I think it depends on the resources you have. I'd run some performance testing to try it out.

    Tamir Gefen, GoMidjets
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    Re: Clearcase with Cloud or SAAS (Software as a Service)

    I believe CloudOne company has a solution:
    and other companies may too - contact IBM Rational they should now these names or
    search on the web.