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‏2012-10-31T11:03:57Z |
When I place a new pool in the Business Process Diagram, the space dedicated for displaying the name of the pool on the diagram is too narrow. A long name would be wrapped, which is annoying if the name is too long. And reducing the font size of the pool will result in unreadable name as the diagram size is big (which requires zooming out to fully view the whole diagram).

Is there a way to increase the width of the dedicated space for the Pool names?

Has anybody worked with any workarounds with this?

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    Re: BPMN Pool Symbol Name Size

    I ran into the same issue last year - I do not think there is a way to modify this width. We modified the font to be a little smaller and also shortened our role names we used for the pools/lanes to fit. That's not a great answer, but it's the only option as far as I know.
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    Re: BPMN Pool Symbol Name Size

    Hi Rami, Two possible work arounds are:
    1. Place the name outside the Pool. Using Format -> Symbol Format -> Text Position ... Given that pools have white space between them, their is plenty of room for the Pool name and can be as large as you like.
    2. Manually instruct SA where to "wrap" the Pool name. Right click on the Pool, select Edit <Pool name>. To the right of the name property field is a small button with a box on it. Click on this and insert line breaks at preferred locations. These line breaks are symbol specific, i.e., they will not affect the definition name.