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Pinned topic MQ Header Action advanced tab to set MsgType MQMD header

‏2012-10-30T14:53:54Z |
How can I used the Advanced tab on an MQ Header Action to set the MsgType field of the MQMD header to 1 (MQMT_REQUEST)?

My steps:
Configure MQ Header Action settings:
Asynchronous: off
MQ Processing Type: request
MQ Request Header Processing: MQMD for PUT
Override Existing MQMD: on, Save checked

Advanced tab -> Add Parameter
Stylesheet Parameter Name: MsgType
Stylesheet Parameter Value: 1

This is for a scenario of HTTP->MQ.

I don't see an MQ header in the probe. There is only an X-MQMD-PUT header with the value <MQMD/>

Can someone explain the use of Add Parameter and why it isn't setting the field in the MQMD header?