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Pinned topic ARCH Compiler Option

‏2012-10-30T12:48:58Z |
The PL/1 and C/C++ compilers have been providing the ARCH compiler option for several years now, which allows customers to obtain object code that is optimized for the architecture level of their physical mainframe assets. Additionally, the ARCH option enables them to utilize the new instructions, which are available out-of-the-box with their new hardware. Examples for this can be found in the following article.

PL/I and C/C++ Compilers Step Up to Improve Performance on zEC12

From my point of view, the examples on page 2 of the above article also constitute use cases, where Cobol programs having to convert between BINARY, PACKED-DECIMAL and DISPLAY data types would benefit as well.

Does anybody know, why this has not found its way into Cobol yet and would share his or her insight with us?
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