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Under the collector it allows me to gather data. Under ISA 4.1 I could gather data and open an IBM PMR. Where is the ability to open PMR's in ISA 5?
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    Re: ISA 5 Feedback

    Hello Vince,

    In ISA5 the shift has moved to focas more on tools, automated analysis and the ability to share case data within your team. With ISA5 the goal is that users will be able to resolve issues without the need to open PMR's.

    ISA4 PMR submission interface was just an embedding of the Service Request web page.

    There are no plans currently to include SR intergarion with ISA5. However I would like to find out a little more about why you are asking about this feature. Did you just find it convenient to not have to open a web browser to go to SR? Or is there a workflow that you followed that we may want to consider for a future release?

    Ricky Holcomb